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From an Email Sent After Camp Week 2013

I want to send a special thank you to my child’s counsellors. He thinks the world of them and watching his counsellor interact with my son getting off the bus made my heart melt.

I picked him up on Sunday from the bus and half way home I realized that he was in the backseat crying. I pulled over and asked him what was wrong - but for a kid who has a hard time expressing his emotions, all he could say was he didn't know how to explain it. I pressed further and asked him to start with something and I would help him with the rest when he found a way to tell me.  He said, "you know how you taught me to love your family and when they go away you miss them so much?"  I said, “yes".  He said, "well, BUCKO is my family and I miss them so much!" He is right. BUCKO and everyone who has developed it and work so hard to keep it going is our family!

He tells me this year he found a friend and together they talked about how one another got their burns. Thank you for such an amazing opportunity for my son to feel safe to talk to others who understand him.


Mother of an 8 year old camper