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Camp BUCKO 2018 will take place

on Sunday August 12th

to Saturday August 18th, 2018

Family Camp

September 21st 

to September 23rd, 2018

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      Camp BUCKO promises to be an amazing year with new experiences while maintaining many of our old traditions. 

       As a burn survivor you are aware of the physical and emotional pain involved with a burn injury which allows you to offer understanding and support to the campers in our program. For this reason we are offering a Volunteer In Training (VIT) program for young adults ages 18 to 20, at no cost to the participant. 

       The purpose of our VIT program is to offer Leadership training through outdoor activities, goal setting, team building, and event planning. Our goal is to provide transferable life skills that will help support burn survivors as they enter adulthood.  The VIT program is an exciting way to promote the transition from camper to volunteer

      Camp BUCKO 2017

      Sun August 13th – Sat August 19th

      As you may be aware, Camp BUCKO has been revamping our VIT Program. The most important change to the program is its length:  the program will now be based on a 3 year schedule where a "hands on" learning style will be emphasized.

      As a VIT you will be involved with many facets of leadership training that will prepare you to be a future volunteer with Camp BUCKO.  We believe peer support between burn survivors is powerful and Camp BUCKO embraces the concept of young adult burn survivors being good role models for BUCKO campers.  Completion of the VIT program will identify you as a preferable candidate for potential employers/educational institutions etc. - noting that you have completed a very challenging and intensive leadership program.

      Some VIT hours may be applied to your community involvement requirements.


      Our goal is to not only prepare you for a role as a Camp BUCKO volunteer but also to provide you with additional tools/skills that can be applied to other facets of your life.  In addition to growing personally, we aim for you to be a confident, strong leader - long after you have successfully completed our VIT program.

      During our 3 year program you will be challenged in many areas while still enjoying the camaraderie of your fellow VIT's, leaders and campers. It is our goal to challenge you through different aspects of problem solving, program development and physical activities.

      Planning and implementation of the DANCE will now be part of the VIT program, as well as the talent show and closing campfire.  Keep in mind - issues may arise as a result of a "wrench" being thrown into your plans.

      At this point, we only want to give you a taste of what to expect. The new program will offer you a chance to challenge yourself and give you an opportunity to realize your own potential.

      We are all very excited about this new program and realize it will be a lot of work but promise - for all of the work and the challenges involved, it will be..... FUN.

      Now, the rest is up to you.....starting from this point, we are seeking the best and most suitable candidates for the program.

      Camp BUCKO 2017

      Sunday August 13th to

      Saturday August 19th

      We will be asking you to complete a VIT application which may include a brief personal resume.  We may ask you to write a short note outlining why you would like to be included in our VIT program and we encourage you to mention what skills you have to offer to the program.


      The application process is part of the actual VIT program as developing a resume is something we will be working on as you progress throughout the program.

      Please do not sweat over this process, it is merely a tool for us to evaluate where you are in terms of committing to the 3 year program. As you are aware, we cannot take every applicant as our numbers are limited. However, we feel that the best way to make this program successful is to reward applicants who make an effort to show us that they are serious and willing to work.

      The window to apply for the 2017 Volunteer In Training program is now closed. If you are interested in applying to the 2018 Camp BUCKO Volunteer In Training program please contact us at:


      1-877-CPBUCKO or 647-343-2267 

      Camp BUCKO
      265 Port Union Road, #15549
      Toronto, Ontario
      M1C 4Z7
      and / or contact us at
      1-877-CPBUCKO or 647-343-2267


      Please advise Camp BUCKO of any changes to your contact information. 
      We can be reached at 
      1-877-272-8256 / 647-343-2267